D&D Battlemap | Death Camp

My first published battlemap. I am definitely a fool when it comes to creative things. Check out the "Death Camp".

D&D Battlemap | Death Camp

Well, here is my very first battlemap. I used Inkarnate with some custom assets from Forgotten Adventures. What I wanted to accomplish was creating some sort of camp that could be used to hold some sort of prisoners. Those prisoners could be from the nearby village, or maybe animals in the area that are being hunted and poached. I could picture really any nasty type monsters in this camp. Orcs, Goblins, Trolls and even Ogres. It's really kind of open to your creativity in adventure creation!

Here are some points of interest

➡️ The road leading into the camp has two totems with hanging skulls to warn anyone that stumbles near the camp to not be foolish and turn around!

➡️ There is pathing in the forest and around the camp, so players can find alternate more stealthy ways to approach the camp

➡️ Main gate is solid wood. Any attempt to break the gate will need to have some sort of ability/attack check to try and break it down. You can set the difficulty; I would imagine it's pretty difficult

➡️ Palisades surrounding the camp are about 10' high. Some characters can attempt to jump/scale the palisades

➡️ Four guard towers that surround the camp looking in multiple directions. Great vantage point for some archers. (Notice any blinds spots? 😏)

➡️ Three holding cells in the main camp to hold your choice of captives

➡️ High value holding cell in the "Officers" camp.

➡️ Officers camp is designed for your high-level monsters or even a boss. There is a gate but it's not nearly as difficult as the main gate since it's inside the camp. It's mostly there to keep the "peons" out of their camp unless to man the guard tower

➡️ Five smaller tents for the soldiers of the camp that guard the towers and patrol the outer perimeter of the camp. These are big enough for two smaller monsters.

So, there you have it! My very first battlemap and I hope you find great use for it. I will run an adventure using this map here soon and will post the accompanying adventure that goes along with it!