D&D Battlemap | Ruined Temple

D&D Battlemap | Ruined Temple
The Ruined Temple

Yeah, I know, two in one day? I better be careful; I might lose all these creative juices in the first 48 hours of launching my site. Well, if that happens, I guess I can always create a YouTube music reaction channel or something 🤣.

Well, back to the task at hand. I sat down today and started to create a battlemap for part of my campaign that I am sure we will get to in the next coming sessions. I won't spill the beans, but it's something to do with Vecna, Artifacts and having to recover them for an evil Necromancer; even though most of the party is lawful. Damn, I wasn't supposed to spill the beans. 😏

Enter the ruined temple. This might seem like an ordinary temple, until you start to look a little closer. There are trap doors, puzzle mechanics and potentially some stone golems in the chamber as well. The number of possibilities is endless with this temple.

My thought was that there is some secret mechanic that will slide the giant statue out and reveal a lower chamber to this temple. Which will lead you into the crawling hallways of a Vault of Vecna. 😈 - I really look forward to someone, someday sending me a video of them using it with some really cool mechanics attached to it.

What's in the map

➡️ The entrance has a beautiful marble decoration on the ground that leads up to some very sturdy wooden doors. Above the doors is a wonderful archway that symbolizes... (insert symbolism or is it symbology? name that movie).

➡️ The chamber itself is filled with some broken pews along with a broken alter. Appears that something happened here that caused some significant damage

➡️ There are some wall statues that appear too also have been damaged. These are designed in a way to serve as potential secret doors, or just could be a wall. Don't let me tell you how to live your life

➡️ There are two stone statues that could maybe possibly if your campaign or adventure needed be some stone golems (CR 10 - be careful)

➡️ The main stairs lead up to a platform with a statue of (insert what the statue is). There is enough room to stand on the platform to walk around the statue. It's about 10' in the air, so be careful not to slip. This statue could be the one that moves out of the way revealing some hidden entrance to a lower chamber

➡️ The two pillars flanking the main damaged alter could be part of the mechanic to open the hidden chamber. I was thinking the party members would have to turn each pillar opposite directions, with some ability checks in order to move the center piece. Of course, they would have to figure out that mechanic itself

➡️ There is a cemetery to the South. Because, why not? It's a creepy ruined temple, just imagine all the cool creepies that are down in there

➡️ And if you want super mysterious adventure, there is a dried-up damaged fountain to the North that could be part of some murder mystery ghost squelching adventure!

Hope that you enjoy this map, and as always Stay #foolish