Welcome to my personal and professional portfolio site. Every single piece of content here is a result of my hard work and dedication. The content that was created for my previous employers is being displayed here solely for the purpose of building my portfolio. I hope my work inspires you to pursue your passions and achieve your dreams

All opinions are my own and do not reflect the companies I have worked for or currently working with.

I’m Ben! 😎 Welcome to my digital space, where you can find everything about me on the internet. But hey, I’m not just a virtual guy. I live in Tampa, Florida, with my two little girls and a Golden Retriever who add chaos and joy to my life.

One of my hobbies is exploring new things, even if they don’t seem like my thing. If you’re up for an exciting adventure, let’s push our limits and grow together. This space is not a boring diary; it’s where I share my work and personal life.

As a community professional, I’ve learned that putting people first is key to success. Not only does it help companies grow, but it also improves customer experience. But wait, there’s more! You can also find out about my fitness goals, video games, and Dungeons and Dragons adventures. This is not just my space, but a place where I hope you can learn and have fun. Let’s turn the ordinary into extraordinary! 💫🚀

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